APAC is a professional association, recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Justice, with registration number 611.209, made up of legal compliance advisory and consulting professionals with decades of experience.

Regulatory compliance encompasses numerous technical, organizational and legal disciplines, therefore in our association there is room for all professionals who deal with one or more branches of knowledge related to said control activities.

On numerous occasions, we see that professionals with extensive experience and training cannot accredit said trajectory before third parties, because they are activities that are not officially standardized, or because they are regulated by private institutions that are difficult to access.

APAC seeks to train, prepare and accredit all the professional members of its association through clear, simple and transparent systems.

APAC develops from the beginning of its activity an extensive training program, with a highly qualified teaching staff, both members, supporters and collaborators that ensures the best and most professional training in our courses.


APAC is a collaborative environment designed and thought for professionals by professionals. In other words, all associative actions are proposed thinking of their practical and direct utility, in order to provide services to our partners so that they can be useful in their professional careers, either by improving their training or by increasing their operational capacities.


APAC has a scope of action throughout the Spanish territory and carries out actions through collaboration agreements both in the European Economic Area and in other countries and territories such as the United States or Latin America.

At APAC we promote continuous training, the defense of professional interests as well as good practices in regulatory control, whether within a legal framework (local, regional, state or European) or private regulatory frameworks (UNE, ISO, etc).